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Oral Sex

Oral Sex performed on men is a very popular sexual activity and 83% of men find it very appealing according to a recent survey, most women enjoy giving oral sex to a man although there are a selected few women who don't. The key to giving good oral sex is to enjoy what you are doing feel comfortable and confident in order to make it pleasurable not just for him but for her to. Some people use flavours i.e. sauces or ice-cream to add to the fun of the experience. putting the point across that you enjoy giving oral sex to your partner gives the moment that boost the slightest hesitation can kill the moment and make you both feel uneasy about it.

Giving Oral Sex can take a long time to master so its up to you to find out what you are comfortable with. Here are a few suggestions to heighten the pleasure from oral sex, varying your tongue and mouth positions will help you find what's best for him, look for the signs and you will soon see when he enjoys it. licking the shaft as well as the head of your partners penis is also very nice for him also using your hands will enhance the experience.

Remember that all men don't like the same thing so have fun trying to find out what your man like when you are giving him oral sex.
But of course its not just men who like receiving oral sex although some women say that it gives them more stimulation than penetration so remember to take it easy, Try kissing between her thighs now and again during oral. and when you have found something she like's you are sure to bring her to that mind blowing orgasm.

Even though you may both be experienced lovers practice makes perfect so have fun practising. some people can take a long time to reach an orgasm through oral sex so don't get stressed and be sure to give each other a good time and you are more likely to have the favour returned.

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